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Digital Marketing Services

Digital marketing has come a long way. When JQRSIMS started its journey back in 2009, the industry was SEO-focused. Businesses, seeking digital marketing, mainly looked for search engine optimization. Then social media came into action and took the center stage along with SEO. However, this was not the ultimate shift in digital marketing. With different channels coming in the picture, digital marketers realized that only SEO with social media would not help businesses. They would need the right marketing mix. Thus came the need for digital marketing mix.

Marketing your website on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. We make sure whenever your audience searches with your keyword, he finds you right there on search results.

Being among the top 3 Bing accredited companies in the world, No. 1 Bing accredited company in India and also a Google certified partner, we know the drill.

From creating viral and measurable social media campaigns to developing social apps, we know the drill. Take a look at our social media portfolio.

No matter how cool or unique your app is, if it’s not optimized for app stores (Google Play, Apple Store etc.) no one will know it. We can help you.

As a business, you must be investing in marketing and sales. We can help you achieve your business goals by Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).

From creating useful & relevant content to marketing it on different channels – we know the right ways to do it.

More than 50% of your customers are online on their smartphones. In this scenario, going mobile is not an option, rather a must for all businesses. We develop and market mobile apps that will be best for your business.

If you have a product and want to launch or market it online, we can give you a hand. Be it an app or a new line, our marketing team will make your product a success.

Event promotion is all about the right planning. Whether you give us 3 weeks (this is not a joke. Take a look at the IIHM case study) or a month to prepare, we can surely deliver you the desired results.

Online world is a big bad world, where everything you do stays forever, sometime without your knowledge. So, keeping a close eye for 24*7 is a must for any business to track who is saying what about the brand. Let us do the hard work for you.

We provide consultation on digital marketing. Our expert team conducted training at HP. If you need any assistance to educate your team about the new web, talk to us.


More than 18 years of experience as growth oriented digital marketer with a growing passion for content, digital marketing wonders, ecommerce and social selling. Creating and sustaining online communities through growth hacking is her speciality. Having served multiple MNCs as Regional Marketing Director makes her an influential leader and to use this opportunity to promote a brand to maximise their returns and engagement from online channels. Naturally and by studies an Environmentalist, she strives in attaining Sustainability in every steps she takes and a proud founder of a Sustainable Lifestyle community marketplace “Kairu Arts” ( As a whole human, rest assured that ila will be your desired Digital Navigator to bring your brand to a next level of achievement.

The new journey of your growth marketing begins