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Pigging Products

Bi Directional Pigs
Bi Directional pigs are designed to be used for the displacement of water or air during pipeline operations. the standard model is supplied with six plolyurethane discs; two support/guide discs which assist loading and centralisation in the pipeline and four sealing discs which drive, seal and scrape.

Brush Pigs
Brush pigs are designed to remove debris and deposites from the pipeline. There are variety of brush materials which offer excellent cleaning properties to suit all pipeline materials, and by-pass ports allow removed debris to be flushed clear of the discs and brushes.

Gauging Pigs
Gauging pigs are vital to the pre-commissioning process. These are designed to prove the pipeline is laid as specified. When combined with an OEL SMART GRID sytem. the approximate position of a defect in the pipeline can be established.

Smart Gauging Pigs
When gauging pipelines to subsea receiver, it can be costly to verify the condition of the gauge plate prior to the hydrotest. The Smart gauge system enables the ROV or diver to determine whether the gauge plate is in a PASS or FAIL condition and communicates the time of the first ‘event’ in the case of ‘FAIL condition’. Smart gauge is simple to add to routine gauge pigs and can save un-necessary vessel work as it evidences the condition of the pipeline without the need to recover the subsea receiving head.

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