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Services and Products

Pipeline & Asset Integrity, Maintenance & Management .

  • Pipeline Piggability Assessment / Study / Survey
  • Pipeline Pigging Solutions ;
  • Project Management – Methods and Approach ( Four Phase Approach)
  • Engineering Services
    JQ RSims assists Customers on Engineering services as following:
  • Site visits
  • Support services required by Customers
  • Development of operational procedures
  • Engineering calculations
  • Source and supply of specialized products or services from International market
  • Modular Launcher / Receiver Design
    Designing modular launchers / receivers could be a major differentiating factor for Customers, as there are clear advantages. JQ RSIMS assists Customers on modular launcher / receiver design as following.
    o Finalize technical aspect
    o Source local fabricators
    o Provide consultancy based on latest ASME or API Standards

Pipeline Inspection – Intelligent Pigging
JQ RSims reputation stands for identifying the right solutions according to customers’ pipeline condition. JQ RSims provides consultancy to customers on methods of intelligent inspection, tool selection and/or technology from multiple global operators to cater the pipeline’s significant / complex conditions. JQ RSims also customizes intelligent inspection tools or customizes inspection solutions for special applications. JQ RSims also formed collaboration with major pipeline inspection & technology companies to assess pipelines in a smarter and simplistic approach. Such as i2i, a sensor technology company that is simplifying and re-inventing pipeline inspection by integrating smart sensors with simple utility pig design for the low risk, low cost, inspection and in-line monitoring of Pipelines.
Thereby with strong partnership with Specialized ILI operators, JQ RSims able to cater customers’ needs and requirements by offering wide range of inspection services as follows;
Internal Inspection;

  • Crack Detection,
  • Illegal Tap Detection
  • Product Profiling
  • Dent & Debris Mapping
  • XYZ Mapping
  • Water Detection in Gas Pipeline
  • Internal Inspection in High H2S line

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